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Some of the services we provide, All Types of Law Degrees and Specializations

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Foreign Investors In México
Criminal Law
Anonymous Societies
Intellectual Property Law
Civil Law
Corporate Law
Labor Law
Inheritances Law
Urban Law
Fiscal Law
Commercial Law
Family Law
Constitutional Law
Enviromental Law
Agricultural Law

Foreign Investors In México

At our law firm our main services are corporate and legal advice, but we also provide comprehensive services. We move forward and provide services that help foreign clients who want to maintain companies or businesses in Mexico.

Our motto is to provide comprehensive services to maximize and streamline your operation in Mexico. In such a way that you can focus on what you do best and we can take care of everything else.

At Bufete Jurídico Integral we advise and support you:

  • To decide the type of company you need; the requirements to set up a company or business, to merge or purchase a Mexican company
  • To provide support with the immigration and legal stay requirements of foreign investors in Mexico and if applicable, for employees.
  • In consultancy services, contractual and corporate, corporate review, carrying out integral legal and corporate audits; as well as carrying out the services of “Joint Venture”.
  • In legal representation services, we can be your legal representative for all your paperwork in Mexico.
  • In accounting and tax compliance services, we offer advice on the accounting and tax compliance, depending on the operation established in Mexico.
  • In the payroll administration services, we offer your assistance with recruitment and payroll services. As well as facilitate in labor and administration.
  • In the labor consultancy, litigated labor issues.
  • In support of the administration. We can assist in property searches. For example, office spaces, warehouses or houses. As well as help manage the properties purchased.
  • In support for immigrant foreigners, for people who send or come to Mexico for its operation; we will provide support, that is, on immigration issues, as well as search for a property, such as a house for rent or purchase, school for children, car acquisition, and in general, focus on making your stay in Mexico as pleasant as possible.

Commercial Law

We specialize in any commercial act, our firm practices exclusively with the services of updated mercantile experts to give you an effective solution to your conflicts and issues in this matter.

Through our services, directed equally individual, corporation or legal entity, legal strategies are carried out and developed to recover and protect their assets or rights.

Some of the services we provide in commercial law:

  • Experts in recovery of overdue loan assignments;
  • Commercial controversies;
  • Litigation of all kinds of matters arising from commercial practice;
  • Judicial and extra judicial collection recovery in credit agreements, shares, securities, mortgage loans, pledge, promissory notes, checks, invoices; etc.;
  • Recovery of bank loans;
  • Effective legal defense strategies for debtors in any bank debt or any type of debt;
  • Bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Recovery of money from bank accounts “jacketed” or stolen through the Internet;

Litigation and advice in all types of contracts and commercial agreements:


  • Of transport
  • For insurance
  • Trustees
  • Mandates
  • Commission
  • From Commercial
  • Agency
  • Brokerage
  • Leasing
  • Franchises
  • Factoring
  • Concession
  • Reporting
  • Manufacture

Of supply:

  • Forwards
  • Underwriting… among others.

Civil Law

Civil Law is the set of rules that regulate personal and patrimonial alliances between individuals or corporations, private and public.

Through our services aimed at individuals as well as companies or businesses, civil strategies are created, implemented and developed to prevent and resolve legal conflicts and protect their assets or rights.

Some of the services we provide in Civil Law:

  • Mortgage actions to constitute, extend, register, divide or cancel a mortgage.
  • We cancel the liens that your property reports: foreclosures mortgages, preventive warnings, etc., (some restrictions apply).Actions of restitution or recovery of a property, for those who are deprived of legal possession or derived from real estate possession claim; who is the owner.
  • Usucapion or negative prescription, for the acquisition of the property for the use of time as owner.
  • Negative actions to obtain the declaration of freedom, or of the reduction of encumbrances of immovable property.
  • Confessory actions for the ownership of real property rights and the holder of the dominant property;
  • Actions for the demolition of works or signs that import liens in the Land Registry;
  • Actions of dangerous work;
  • Actions to suspend the conclusion of the work detrimental to its possessions, it’s demolition or modification,
  • Survey and demarcations;
  • For compensation of damages;
  • Payment actions, rescission, early maturity, or priority of credits or debts
  • Constitution of family patrimony; and
  • Actions of a third party to assist in the trial against your co-debtor or co-creditor, among others

Family Law

Family Law regulates personal or civil status of spouses, estranged, concubine, divorced; as well as, filial, father, mother and child. These relationships give rise to rights-duties that may lead to conflicts over assets, rights or obligations, which may lead to a legal conflict between its members.

Through our services, this legal firm implements and develops family strategies to prevent and resolve any legal conflict that may occur.

Some of the services we provide in Family Law:

  • Contentious divorces or by mutual consent
  • Nullity of Marriages
  • Judicial Separation of Persons
  • Family Constitution Regime;
  • Judgments of Adoption, Guardianship, Conservatorship;
  • Food judgments, parental rights, guardianship, adoption, custody, coexistence, filiation of recognition; of emancipation, etc.
  • Rectification of records of the Civil Registry;
  • States of interdiction; and
  • Declaration of absence and presumption of death; among others

Anonymous Societies

The Sociedad Anonima is defined as a set of people or entities that are created and developed with their own assets different from the members, for a common lucrative purpose, with a minimum required capital stock.

In the Sociedad Anónima (S.A.) the capital, which will be divided into shares, will be integrated by the contributions of the partners, who will not be personally liable for the debts of the company.

Constitution of a Limited Company.
For its constitution (among others) it is required:

  • That there be at least two partners, and that each of them subscribe to at least one share;
  • That the contribution be in money, goods (movable or immovable) or credits; and
  • That is displayed in cash, at least 20% of the value of each share.

The Constitutive Act must contain:

  • The names, nationality and address of the natural or legal persons that constitute it;
    Its object (the reason or turn) that must be commercial and lawful;
  • Your company name or denomination;
  • The amount of the share capital;
  • The contribution of each partner;
  • The way to administer;
  • The appointment of one or several commissioners;
  • The manner of distribution of profits and losses;
  • The cases in which it must be dissolved in advance; and
  • The rules on organization which will constitute the statutes of the same.

Social Object
It is the activity or activities for the realization of which society is constituted

The Actions
The shares in which the share capital is divided will be represented by registered securities that will serve to accredit and transmit the quality and rights of the partner.

Minimum Capital
The social capital determined by the partners is indeterminate.

They will be governed by their statutes established in the articles of incorporation and in the General Law of Commercial Companies

Registered Office
The company will establish it’s domicile within Mexican territory

Constitution and Registration
The articles of incorporation must be executed before notary (notary or broker), must be registered in the Public Registry of Commerce, which will assign a business folio. With the registration you will acquire your legal personality.

The Organs of the Corporation

  • The General Assembly of Shareholders. Which will be the Supreme Body of the Society; may agree and ratify all its acts and operations;
  • The Sole Administrator or the Administrative Body. The administration of the corporation will be in charge of one or more temporary and revocable agents, who may be partners or persons alien to the company; and
  • The Surveillance Body. That it will be in charge of one or several commissioners, temporary and revocable, who may be partners or persons alien to society.

Representation of the company shall correspond to its administrator or administrators, who may carry out all the operations inherent to the object of the company.

Administration will be in charge of one or several temporary and revocable agents, who may be partners or persons alien to society. When the administrators are two or more, they will constitute the Board of Directors.

The Administrators shall be jointly and severally liable with those who have preceded them, for the irregularities in which they have incurred, if, knowing them, they shall not report them in writing to the Statutory Auditors.

Managers will have power expressly conferred on them; they will not need special authorization from the Administrator or Board of Directors for the acts they execute , within their orbit of attributions assigned to them, the broadest powers of representation and execution.

Surveillance Society
Monitoring will be carried out by one or several commissioners, temporary and revocable, who may be partners or persons alien to the surveillance society.

Ordinary Assemblies
Ordinary meetings must be held at least once a year, in order for the administrator (s) to present to the Shareholders’ Meeting a report that contains at least:

  • The progress of society, policies followed and existing projects;
  • Explain the accounting criteria and financial information;
  • A statement of the results of the company during the year; and
  • A statement with the changes in the items that make up the social patrimony.
  • In Ordinary Assemblies any matter that is not exclusive of the Extraordinary Assemblies will be treated

Extraordinary Assemblies
Are those that will treat any of the following subjects:

  • Extension of the lasting of a company;
  • Early dissolution of a company;
  • Increase or reduction of a share capital;
  • Change of object of a company;
  • Change of nationality of a company;
  • Transformation of a society;
  • Fusion with another company;
  • Issuance of privileged shares;
  • Amortization by the company of its own shares and issuance of shares of enjoyment;
  • Issuance of bonds;
  • Any other modification of a social contract, and
  • Other matters for which the Law (LGSM) or a social contract requires a special quorum.

Calling for Assemblies

  • Callings for Assemblies, as a general rule, must be made by the Administrator, the Board of Directors, or by the Commissioners
  • Callings must be made through publication in the electronic system established by the Ministry of Economy with the anticipation established by the bylaws.
  • callings for Assemblies must contain the order of the day and will be signed by whoever elaborates it; and
  • Any resolution of the Assembly taken in violation of the provisions of the Law (LGSM), will be null, unless all the shares were represented at the time of the vote.

The merger is the integration of several companies into one; to establish a community of goods, rights as well as obligations, substituting the multiplicity of two or several patrimonies of societies into one.

Transformation of the company supposes the change of the same one in a different society type, preserving its legal personality; for example, Limited Liability Company, etc.

The split occurs when a company decides to terminate itself and divides all or part of its assets, liabilities and capital in two or more parts, which are contributed to other newly created companies; or when the company, without being extinguished, contributes part of its assets, liabilities and social capital to another or other newly created companies.

Dissolution of the Companies.
The companies dissolve, among others:

  • Due to expiration of the term established in the articles of incorporation;
  • Due to impossibility of achieving the corporate’s purpose;
  • By agreement of the partners; and
  • Due to the loss of two thirds of the capital sharel.

Settlement of The Society.
If the company is dissolved, it will be put into liquidation; which one or more liquidators will be in charge of legal representation.
The liquidators will have the following powers:

  • Conclude the operations that would have been pending at the time of the dissolution;
  • Collect what is owed to the company and pay what it owes;
  • Sell the company’s assets;
  • Liquidate to each partner their social assets; and
  • Practice the final balance of the settlement, which must be submitted to the discussion and approval of the partners. The final approved balance will be deposited in the Public Registry of Commerce.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is the branch of law that focuses on companies and societies in general, in all those related to them from a legal point of view, that is, different companies, the relationship of the company-consumers , the analysis of taxation and or commercial contracting.

We are specialists in mercantile, civil, agrarian, etc., we are able to provide comprehensive advice and legally represent your company, from its formation up to its settlement. We provide advice and drafting of the constitution of all types of Societies and associations

  • Sociedad Anónima S.A.
  • Limited Liability Company S.R.L.
  • Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversión S.A.P.I.
  • Multiple Purpose Financial Companies S.O.F.O.M.
  • Cooperative Societies
  • Rural Production Societies
  • Civil Companies
  • Civil Associations and Foundations
  • Neighborhood Associations

We have a corporate law area in which we offer specialized support to clients at the NATIONAL and FOREIGN level. We represent all types of companies and their operations and provide them with permanent advice in their activities such as administration and control in corporate governance.

We prepare and advise legal strategies, preparation and negotiations such as:

  • Advice on the Statutes of the Constitutive Act
  • Agreements of Shareholders, and Assemblies
  • Inclusion or Exclusion of Foreigners Clauses
  • Clauses Drag Along, Tag Along, Withdrawal, Restriction of vote, Exclusion, Permanence
  • Transmission of Shares;
  • Transmission of Social Parts, Donation, Assignment
  • Representation to Minor or Major Shareholders
  • Contributions for Future Increases in Social Capital
  • Preparation of Minutes of Ordinary and Extraordinary, Mixed and Special Assemblies
  • Draft Minutes of the Board of Directors
  • Advice on all types of Powers or Mandates
  • Increase and Decrease in Social Capital
  • Preparation of Shareholders Registration Books
  • Preparation of Stock Securities
  • Transformation of Companies
  • Fusion, Transformation and Excision of companies
  • Mergers by Integration or Absorption
  • International mergers
  • Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies
    Our attorneys can also serve as members of the Board of Directors so your company has appropriate advice in the development of the shareholders contract; and
  • Opening of Branches in Mexico or abroad

For the business expansion opportunities and the investment options that currently exist, at Bufete Jurídico Integral we guide you on the opening of foreign company branches abroad, or vice versa. This procedure is used when foreign companies want to have their operations in Mexico.

Labor Law

Labor Law regulates laws applicable to companies and individuals with business activity.
In general it regulates relationships between employers and employees.

Through our services, aimed at individuals as well as companies or businesses, work strategies are created, implemented and developed to optimize human and material resources; as well as the safeguard of labor rights.

Some of the services we provide in Business Labor Law:

  • Advice and training in the human resources area as well as everything related to the hiring of personnel;
  • Advice and legal representation in liquidation or dismissal of workers;
  • Preparation and conclusion of collective and individual work contracts;
  • Collective conflicts or individual workforce lawsuits against the company;
  • Advice on instrumentation and registration of internal job regulations;
  • Advice on payroll administration; and or IMSS, INFONAVIT administration etc .;
  • Counseling in mixed commissions of safety and hygiene training; among others.
  • Some of the services we provide in Labor Law:
  • Claims for the municipal, state or federal unjustified dismissals for individuals or public servants;
  • Defense for public servants in administrative liability procedures; and
  • Demands for work risks; permanent disability partially or totally, among others.

Contractual Law

The exchange of goods and services is governed by national and international contractual legislation, therefore, the legal security of individuals or companies and their relationships, in their activities, rights and obligations, must be held in a clear and concrete manner, foreseeing different scenarios and avoiding conflicts of interpretation.

Through our services, aimed at both individuals and corporations, we will have the legal certainty that by entering into contracts, agreements or any legal act, future legal conflicts will be prevented, protecting the rights and assets of our clients; and in case that they have already been prepared, value them for restructuring or modification in their favor.

Some of the services and advice that we offer in Contract Law:

  • Typical;
  • Of bailment;
  • Trading;
  • Lease;
  • Donation;
  • Of supply;
  • Assignment of Credit Rights, debt or litigious;
  • Consignment
  • Deposit;
  • Of edition;
  • Unilateral and Bilateral;
  • Onerous and Free;
  • Commutative and Random;
  • Real and Consensual;
  • Formal and Consensual;
  • Main and Warranty or Accessories;
  • Instant and Successive Detracto; and
    Contract promise; etc

Administrative Law

Administrative Law is in charge of controlling performance of Public Administration (municipalities, federative entities and the federation), with full submission of these dependencies to the law; trying that the agreements or resolutions between the authority are favorable to our clients; that in case of not being adjusted to the law, the client has the right to use legal procedures, for the protection of their assets.

We counsel in your affiliations with the government, giving you certainty in your government relationship that you carry out. In addition, interposing nullity judgments and legal protection proceeding, to leave without effect the administrative act that undermines their rights.

Some services we provide in Administrative Law:

  • Nullity judgments against acts or credits of municipalities, state or federation,
  • Any procedure tending to dissent against resolutions of the SHCP, IMSS, ISSSTE, PROFEPA, PROFECO, SEDESOL, SER, SEP, SER, SEMARNAT, CONDUSEF, etc.
  • As well as any secretariat of federal entities and addresses of municipalities;
  • Licenses for operation, construction, works, permits or municipal, state or federal authorizations;
  • Appeals or lawsuits against revocation of permits or authorizations;
  • Fines and closure of businesses or companies; and
  • Contracts or any legal act concluded with governments,states or municipalities; among others

Intellectual Property Law, Trademarks and Patents

The intellectual and creative activity of the human being, commercial signs, technological innovation, constitutes one of the most valuable and important assets of companies or companies, is the presence of their products in the market, therefore it is essential to protect said asset.

Through our legal services, this legal firm offers professional advice for registration of Patents, Trademarks, Distinctive Signs, Copyrights and Intellectual Property, effectively and easily, to individuals and organizations that wish to strengthen your company or business, to through consolidation of its corporate image through registration of its trademark and commercial notice (slogan), or else, that wish to contribute to science or culture an invention or artistic conception, which is susceptible of legal protection, in order to guarantee exclusive commercial exploitation in favor of its legitimate creator.

Some services we provide in Intellectual Property

  • Registration of trademarks and patents;
  • Registration, monitoring, maintenance and defense at a national and international level of trademarks, distinctive signs, patents and copyrights;
  • Advice on existing legal mechanisms for obtaining patents and protection of trademarks, industrial designs and trade names;
  • Preparation of licensing agreements and transmission of the use of trademarks;
  • Presentation and processing of applications for registration, conservation and protection of industrial property rights;
  • Registration of domain names;
  • Protection of industrial secrets; and
  • Defense of any procedure of administrative request of infringement, expiration, cancellation before the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property (IMPI), among others.

Agricultural Law

Advisory Services, Support and Follow up to Ejidos, Ejidatarios, Small Owners and Companies:

  • Trials before the Unitary Agrarian Court;
  • Agrarian controversies due to limits or possession over ejidal or communal lands or between ejidatarios, possessors or residents;
  • Nullity in the allocation of plots or lots, as well as against acts or contracts that contravene the agrarian laws;
  • Controversies related to the succession of ejidal or communal rights; and
  • Voluntary jurisdiction in agrarian matters; among others.

Ejidal Assemblies:

  • Full domain on ejidal parcels;
  • Change of destination;
  • Assigning plots; and
  • Assemblies of simple formalities: (Preparation and approval of internal regulations, election of representative and ejidal monitoring bodies, acceptance of ejidatarios and residents, etc.); among others.

Elaboration of Contracts:

  • Contract of alienation on parcel rights and / or rights over common use;
  • Exploitation contracts: leasing, sharecropping, agricultural sharecropping; and
  • Constitution of rural production societies, cooperatives; among others.

Administrative Procedures Before the National Agrarian Registry:

  • Transfer of domain by succession;
  • Constance validity rights;
  • Issuance or replacement of parcel certificates and / or rights to common use;
  • Transfer rights for sale or assignment of parcel rights; and
  • Processing issue ownership titles on parcels with full domain; among others.

To Companies:

  • Regularization of lands of ejidal origin to small property;
  • Advice on exploitation, transfer or participation contracts related to social property;
  • Changes in land use from social to private ownership; and
  • Advice on the constitution of companies that own socially owned land; among others.

Urban Law

Urban law regulates land use planning, land use, building construction and urbanization, and sets the specific powers and obligations of the land owner.

Through our services we advise you and solve the contradictions that the urban, social reality offers, and its reflux in the organization and structuring of the urban space.

Some of the services we provide in Urban Law:

  • Urban licenses;
  • Procedures for land uses; building permits; incorporation of land to urban area; regularizations;
  • Real estate integration processes;
  • Procedures before curators, notaries, secretaries of district or municipal planning, etc
  • Partial plans;
  • Master plans;
  • Territorial arrangement planning; and
  • Legal urbanization strategies for subdivision builders and their legal restructuring in inadequate advice, to avoid frauds and tax crimes in pre-sales, promises of sale and neighborhood associations, among others.

Enviromental Law

Environmental Law regulates the rules that solve problems related to business or commercial activities that could have an impact that could affect the conservation and protection of the environment.

Some services we provide in Environmental Law

  • We regulate the situation of our clients by providing inspection visits by environmental authorities, thereby avoiding fines and penalties;
  • We focus on environmental issues;
  • We advise and manage licenses, permits, authorizations and agreements of all kinds with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and its decentralized administrative bodies: the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, the National Water Commission, the Mexican Institute of Water Technology and other federal agencies interrelated with the environmental matter, as well as before the state and municipal environmental authorities;
  • We train on handling and treatment of materials and hazardous waste;
  • We manage the use and, exploitation of water and discharge of wastewater; and
  • We advise on projects to improve the conditions of sustainable development or evaluate the impact of a project, regarding opinions of environmental feasibility; among others.

Constitutional Law and Legal Protection

The Constitutional Control, is the foundation so that the democratic states can establish in a balanced way mechanisms to solve controversies between the diverse organs of state; which includes, that the faculties of creation of the norm, by the Legislative Power, are within the constitutional guidelines.

Constitutional Supremacy is the principle in which the control mechanisms have been established, among which are those offered by this firm.

Some of the services we provide in Constitutional Control:

  • Amparos Judgments in all civil, commercial, criminal, contractual, labor, family, administrative, fiscal, customs, urban, environmental, agrarian matters; corporate, intellectual property, etc .;
  • Unconstitutionality actions;
  • Constitutional controversies;
  • Impulse of political trials;
  • Electoral constitutional review judgments and for the protection of the political and electoral rights of citizens; and
  • Procedures before the human rights protection organisms; among others

The Internal Revenue Service Law

Tax Advisory Services to individuals and corporations.

Tax planning allows strategic design to guarantee the success of the business; different alternatives are analyzed to achieve the company’s goals at the lowest fiscal cost; which involves the analysis of various legal options that allow optimizing costs linked to taxes to be reported by a person, business or company.

In this matter we focus, essentially, on the design and implementation of strategies, using the tax figures that correspond to any particular case, in accordance with the law.

Some of the services we provide in Tax Law

  • We represent our clients before specialized federal and local tax courts;
  • Tax advice on the exercise of verification powers exercised by state or customs authorities (SAT, IMSS, INFONAVIT, State Finances, etc.);
  • Tax legal advice in the management and processing of various taxes, such as partnerships, inheritance and donations, tax on equity and I.S.R., I.V.A., etc .;
  • Revocation resources before the Tax Administration Service (SAT).
  • Nullity trials before tax court on administrative acts such as home visits, cabinet review, penalties, attachments, auctions and administrative proceedings
  • Protection against unconstitutional tax laws; and
  • Seizures or assurances in bank accounts, assets or assets; among others.

Inheritances Law

The Hereditary law, decides on different concrete legal situations that are constituted on the occasion of creation, transmission, modification or extinction of goods, rights or obligations between family members when one of them dies.

Through our services, this legal firm implements and develops family strategies that prevent and resolve any legal conflict that may occur.

Some of the services we provide in Family Law:

  • The Hereditary Right, decides on different concrete legal situations that are constituted at the time of creation, transmission, modification or extinction of goods, rights or obligations between family members, when one of them dies.
  • Through our services, our legal firm implements and develops family strategies to prevent and resolve any legal conflict that may occur.
  • Some services that we offer in Hereditary Law:
  • Management services for locating property left in Heritage.
  • Counseling to grant Testament in its different types: Open Public, Closed Public, Hole and Private.
  • Advice for inheritance repudiation.
  • Legal advice for the interpretation of Wills.
  • Testamentary Succession Trials (Legal Succession)
  • Testamentary Succession Trials
  • Processing of Incidents of Accountability to Execution
  • Processing of executors Removal Incidents.
  • Nullity judgments of wills
  • Food lawsuits against the Estate of a deceased person.
  • Counseling and Processing of Assignment of Hereditary Rights; and
  • Advisory


Some services we provide in correspondent:

  • Correspondent for monthly payment, for trial or package of trials;
  • We act as procedural domicile; sent scanned autos and resolutions via email; presentation of writings that make us arrive, etc
  • Legal Representation in trials, hearings or proceedings; and
  • Exhortos Measures

Criminal Law

Criminal Law is the subject in which freedom of the individual is at stake, therefore timely attention is necessary, in case of detention,entrenchment or assurance, advising the client before the Public Prosecutor or Criminal Judge, as the case may be. , for an efficient result, considering that, the initial time period in criminal conflicts are those that determine in most cases, the best results.

Our services offer specialized attorneys at the forefront of professional demands in criminal law that will make up an integral and experienced team in criminal matters.

Some of the services we provide in Criminal Law:

  • Criminal, summary, ordinary or oral trials;
  • Freedoms under bail, driving under the influence of alcohol arrests;
  • Entrenchment against Orders of Apprehension, presentation, arrest or capture
  • Provisional freedoms or early pre-releases;
  • Assurances and confiscation of property or business by the public prosecutor, judge or any authority; and
    Expungment of civil or criminal records;

Cyber ​​or banking fraud: we recover your money that has been stolen or fraudulently in your bank account via internet or by “hackers”; among others.

Protection Measures and Precautionary Measures. Obtaining appropriate protection measures when it deems that the defendant or defendant represents an imminent risk against the safety of the victim or victims, such as the following:

  • Prohibition to approach or communicate with the victim or offended;
  • Limitation to assist or approach the address of the victim or victims;
  • Immediate separation of the address;
  • The immediate delivery of personal objects as well as victim’s identity documents.
  • The prohibition of carrying out intimidation or nuisance behaviors to the victim or victim’s or to persons related to them;
  • Surveillance at the home of the victim or victim’s;
  • Police protection of the victim or victim’s;
  • Immediate assistance by members of police institutions, to the address where the victim or offender is located or is at the time of requesting it; and
  • The re-entry of the victim’s address.

Precautionary measures for the restitution of the rights of the victim. In order to guarantee the reparation of damage, the victim, the offended will be able to request to the judge the following:

  • The seizure of goods; and
  • The immobilization of accounts and securities of the financial system; among others.

We are a service law firm that specializes in providing legal advice to foreign companies doing business in Mexico


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